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Post Job Ad's

Job Detail:

Posting Job's for new sales hires is a daily task.

Create new ad's based off of the bullet points we have listed in the panel to the right.  Copy and Paste or reformat to adhere to Job Ad. 

(Use similar formats to other ad's in other states, no need to reinvent the wheel)

Respond to emails in a professional manner and schedule in-person interviews at the Tempe Public Library.  (See scripts if needing reference points)

Answer only questions that you know the answers to:  Refer everything you don't to Management.

Create your process that works for you to manage details by utilizing Slack, Google Drive, or Google Calendar or similar apps for best results. 

Job Ads
Account Executive
Outside Sales Rep
B2B Print Sales
Inbound Caller
Outbound Scheduling
Welcome Call

Where to Post:

The following Job boards are available to post but may or may not free.  Rates must be discussed before we sign up and post paid service.  If the job board is free, then feel free to post regularly.  Our mission is to hire sales personal.  Sometimes the best route isn't the most cost effective but it should have the best return on investment.  

Zip Recruiter
Facebook Jobs
ASU Job Board
Flex Jobs

How to respond:

The best and most efficient way to respond is by using "Canned Responses" on your gmail account.   You can have several "Canned Responses".  What canned responses are is basically template emails and by using we can get pretty creative giving our Clients, and prospective new hires a more professional perspective.  

Your responses should be in the following order:

  • Thank you for applying

  • Schedule Interview

  • Congratulations you are hired!

  • We need the following documents

Also other responses might include:

  • Reschedule Interview

  • Rejected Application

  • Common questions answered with quick responses

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